About Samoan Program: Sunday, 6AM-9AM

Talofa lava! Faatalofa atu aloaia i le paia ma le mamalu o Samoa.

Fofoga Moomia o Samoa is a vibrant, entertaining and upbeat Samoan language programme. The best way to wake up on Sundays is to tune in and buckle up from 6am to 9am and enjoy. Fofoga Moomia o Samoa brings together an uplifting spiritual service, a selection of the latest in local and international news from Samoa, a lively discussion panel with a team of amazingly funny hosts and an empowering thought for the day. Playing a wide selection of music both traditional and contemporary there’s something for everyone! Fofoga Moomia o Samoa aims to challenge, motivate, inspire and unite listeners. The perfect Sunday morning wake up, you can’t go past the unmissable Voice of Samoa, Fofoga Moomia o Samoa!


1. Pasefika Maiava (Convenor & Founder)

2. Opi Toomalatai (Panel operator & Broadcaster)

3. Papalii Laumaopo Taoai (Broadcaster)

4. Galumalemana Ropati Masini (Panel operator & Broadcaster)

5. Maulolo Ueligitone Malifa (Broadcaster)

6. Francis Faapoi (Youth Broadcaster)

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24 Jul 2022 Samoan Program

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