Welcome to the powerhouse of the Spoken Word in many languages, RADIO 2TripleO (Radio 2ooo).

Name the Language and we’ll give you the time to listen.

Our confidence in what we do, producing and broadcasting your community language program is based on the fact that all programs are produced and owned by the community.

The licensee company, Multicultural Community Radio Association Limited (MCRA Ltd.) is a non-profit public company limited by guarantee under the Company Act regulated by the Australian Security Investment Commission (ASCIC). It holds a Community Broadcasting License under the Broadcasting Service Act 1992 regulated by the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) and operated in accord with the Community Broadcasting Code of Practice.

The service provided by Radio 2TripleO (Radio 2ooo) is partly funded by the Federal Government administered by the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF). The service guideline for the sector is provided jointly by the Community Broadcasting Association Australia (CBAA) and the National Ethnic Multicultural Broadcasters Commission (NEMBC).

MCRA Ltd., through its broadcasting division Radio 2TripleO (Radio2ooo) provide an Analogue service on FM-98.5 and a Digital service on 2oooDAB and 2oooLanguages. Both services are provided by a team of over 300 volunteer broadcasters.

Bring your language and join the exciting world of multilingual broadcasting and its culturally diverse community of broadcasters at the only place that knows it best, Radio 2TripleO. You are invited to join as a member of your community broadcasting group or form a group to service the information needs and interests of your community.