The Multicultural Community Radio Association Limited (MCRA LTD) was established in 1992 as the Public Broadcasting Company to provide an independent non-profit radio service for the Non-English-Speaking community of NSW.

The service provided by MCRA LTD is in accord with the Australian Broadcasting Act 1992 and the Guidelines and Community Radio Code of Practice provided by the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA). MCRA LTD provide infrastructure and operational support; training service development projects; promotion and research to further the skills of its volunteers.

The licensee MCRA LTD corporate structure and operational methods balance our requirement for independence with the need to maintain close consultation with all communities and community Broadcasting Groups as major stakeholders in the operation of the service. The corporate structure is applied through a range of committees, and a management structure that promotes an open dialogue with its community interests and needs.

The MCRA LTD Board of Directors and committees are supported by the Secretariat. All Board and committee members are volunteers. The Secretariat is currently comprised of two staff positions: an Executive Director, Administrators and Finance Controller, and supplemented by casual staff and consultants as required.