About Radio Liberta: Friday 9PM-11PM

Radio Libertà` is an Italian music program which also brings international and national news, current events and sport to Friday nights.

From current rock, pop, and rap all the way to 90’s Italian dance and old classics, Radio Libertà covers every genre, and takes requests via phone, email and social media.  Radio Libertà also covers and speaks to people about current issues in Italy,  Australia and the world. 

Join Stef G and Ms C every Friday night at 9pm for the best in Italian music and local and international affairs.

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12 Aug 2022

12 Aug 2022 Radio Liberta

5 Aug 2022

5 Aug 2022 Radio Liberta

29 Jul 2022

29 Jul 2022 Radio Liberta

22 Jul 2022

22 Jul 2022 Radio Liberta