About the Burmese Community Broadcasting Group: Sunday, 2-4PM

Burmese Community Broadcasting Group was formed in September 18, 1992, with representatives of 7 community organisations and individuals in Sydney, Australia. The BCBG is non-profit organization and it is run by a committee of management and volunteers.

BCBG offers the audience of Burmese people access to more diverse range of Burmese cultural information, local news and music. It also provides Burmese communities relevantly with our weekly lives. It allows individuals and community groups to participate in their respective programs and to maintain their own culture.

We also present news and analyses on current affairs and developments inside Burma and those from Australia and around the world relevant to Burma and Burmese community in Sydney.

Aims and Objects

The BCBG promote news on Burma, local and national news, arts and culture among Burmese people living in Sydney and around the world via internet.

The BCBG promote older/disable Burmese people who are unable to read local and international news, general knowledge and cultural art.

The BCBG promote Burmese cultural art, customs and knowledge among young Burmese people.

The BCBG create awareness among Burmese people — the government changes laws and regulations, democratic systems, women’s role in politics and so on.

To share views with other young Burmese people local and around the world via radio/internet.

To promote human rights issues in Burma and the right to information and communication.


The BCBG meets biannually in March and September to review of performance and direction of the organization and strategies to better implement expectations of audience and the broader community. The meetings also consider financial positions and fund raisings.

The organization has elected its Chairperson in order to review on policy-making for the organization, review on management of the organization and weekly programmes and etc.

There are three producers under the management of the Chairperson – our goals. Each producer is also responsible for producing biannual financial reports and annual reports.

In the 2018 Annual Meeting, the following are the elected persons as the organization’s management committees;

  • Chairperson—- Myint Oo
  • Secretary——- Nyi Nyi Soe
  • Technical assistance —— Thet Oo
  • Committee member —- Zaw Lin Tun

The BCBG Sydney is run by a Committee of Management, which comprises volunteer programmers, contributors and supporters.  Its role is to make decisions about the overall purpose and direction of the BCBG Sydney, to ensure that its governance is transparent and accountable to the donors, sponsors and audience.


Members of the Committee Management are limited to one year term.  This is to ensure that the BCBG meet its accountability, responsibility and transparency needs.  Elections are held annually in March at the annual meeting. Existing members can be nominated without limited terms. Nomination of both existing and new members can be made a month prior to the annual meeting.


The BCBG is set up and run as non-profit organization. It relies on financial support from diversity of sources, which may include donations, grants, sponsorships and or advertises.  Apart from all these sources, the Australian government provides the organization with a little fund.


For the radio broadcasting programs was managed by Nyi Nyi Soe on every Sunday from 2 pm to 3 pm.

The BCBG provides the audience and all members of Sydney Burmese community with interesting programmes — all backgrounds and issues are relevant to them. 

We cover the areas of traditional culture, community activities in Sydney as well as political, economic and social developments in Burma.




Email: bcbgsydney@gmail.com

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