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Spots & Space

Spots & Space exists to make it easy for national advertisers and their agencies to advertise with our media partners.

We make advertising to diverse audiences as easy as reaching commercial mass markets. Spots & Space is partnered with community radio, multicultural media, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media and other culturally diverse media to reach specific audiences. We create opportunities for advertisers to connect with diverse audiences.

We stage events. We undertake media consumption research. We develop new media opportunities. We facilitate group marketing activities for partner media.

We are a relationship-building company. The purpose of this page is to build relationships with our advertising and media stakeholders, both new and existing, by sharing metrics and insights.


The Carriage House,
124 Redfern St,
Redfern NSW 2016

Phone: (02) 8090 7711


Leba are CALD communication specialists.

For over 40 years Leba have been facilitating the connection between advertisers and the multicultural media in Australia.

Leba offer a one stop service to reach all CALD media in Australia and provide associated services to enable fluid, thoughtfully constructed, cost effective communication campaigns.

The services span target market selection, message development, creation and testing, media planning and booking, professional translation and production across all mediums.

You can have your CALD communication objectives solved easily. Just call Leba.



141 High St
Prahran Vic 3181

Phone: (03) 8554 0301

NSW Health

The NSW Ministry of Health supports the executive and statutory roles of the Health Cluster and Portfolio Ministers.

The NSW Ministry of Health also has the role of ‘system manager’ in relation to the NSW public health system, which operates more than 220 public hospitals, as well as providing community health and other public health services, for the NSW community through a network of local health districts, specialty networks and non-government affiliated health organisations, known collectively as NSW Health.

The Ministry of Health guides the development of services and investments in the NSW public health system to ensure that the health priorities of the NSW Government are achieved for the community of NSW.


1 Reserve Road
St Leonards NSW 2065

Phone: (02) 9391 9000

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