About Tongan Program: Friday 4PM-6PM

The Tongan program is known as the “Fangufangu-‘o-Felenite” which literally means “The call of the  Friendly Islands.”   Captain Cook the well-known 18th century British explorer,  named Tonga  ‘The Friendly Islands’ and Tonga, officially named ‘The Kingdom of Tonga’, is also known as ‘The Friendly Islands.’

Tonga, is a Polynesian country consisting of 169 islands, of which 40 are inhabited. The total land area of the archipelago is about 750 km2 (290 sq mi). It is situated in the Pacific Ocean about two thirds of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand and  the current population is estimated at 107,723.   The Kingdom of Tonga is the only remaining Polynesian monarchy in the world and is the only South Pacific  country never to have been colonized by a foreign power. Tonga is now well-known for the volcanic eruption that took place in January 2022.

The ‘Fangufangu-‘o-Felenite’ is the longest running Tongan radio program in Australia that is still running. It now goes to air every Friday afternoon, as it has been doing for the last 30 years, from 4pm to 6pm.  The program is in Tongan and it has an emphasis on meeting some of the information needs of its listeners especially on settlement issues.  It has a half-hour segment every week on health, presented by a Tongan doctor. It also provides news, entertainment in the form of Tongan music, community announcements and current affairs.

For more information, call/txt Osai on 0401287968 or email osaiasi.faiva@bigpond.com

Convener/broadcaster:                Mr. Osaiasi Faiva

Broadcaster:                                  Mrs. Tae Tuna’ula Faiva

Broadcaster:                               Mr. ‘Inoke Hu’akau

Presenter:                                      Dr. Talia’uli Afeaki

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