About Indonesian Program:  Monday, Tuesday from 7–8PM and Indonesian Youth: Wednesday 9–10 pm.

Duta Nusantara (@duta985FM)

The meaning behind the name

Duta             = ambassador

Nusantara   = archipelago

Duta Nusantara means Indonesian representative.

Duta Nusantara was established in September 1997 as one of the projects of Indonesian Welfare Association Inc. (IWA) and started broadcasting on 2nd March 1998.

We broadcast our program live weekly on Monday & Tuesday from 7 – 8 pm and Wednesday 9 – 10 pm.

Duta Nusantara is a non-profit and undertake a range of fundraising activities to ensure that we can continue our programs.

Our staff and radio team are all volunteers ranging from presenter, production, marketing and administration.

Our main objective is to provide entertainment, community announcements, news and relevant information to the Indonesian speaking community.

We will try to provide all kind of Indonesian songs from Sabang to Merauke, with different style of music – keroncong, dang dut, current, nostalgic, national & traditional songs.

Duta Nusantara will act as a connecting hub for the diverse Indonesian people in Sydney that encourages integration and friendship, including young people, families and the elderly.

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Indonesian Welfare Association Inc.


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